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little black ants in a santa clarita home

What NOT To Do When Ants Invade


Ant invasions are one of the most common calls that we get here in the Santa Clarita Valley. Unfortunately, out of desperation, many people do things that actually make their ant problem worse. Here’s what NOT to do when ants invade.... Read More

springtail on a piece of wood in santa clarita

Spring Into Action Against Springtails


Springtails thrive in these warm, wet conditions. Fittingly named for their jumping behavior, springtails live in moist soil and are present year-round, but populations typically spike in early spring where they can overflow into your home.... Read More

termite swarmers on the exterior wall of a santa clarita home

What Are All These Flying Bugs? Oh No, TERMITES!


Termites, just their name sends shivers up some people’s spine. Maybe it’s that they swarm in large numbers or maybe it’s the idea of them chomping on your real estate investment. Whatever reason, termites are no joke.... Read More

molded window seal in a santa clarita home

Is My Home Rotting Away?


Wood-destroying fungi are nature’s way of recycling dead trees. Unfortunately, these fungi don't know your home’s lumber doesn't need recycling. If they land on a piece of moist wood, they'll begin feeding on the wood of your home.... Read More

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