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termite swarmers entering home foundation

Termite swarmers around your property are never a pleasant thing to encounter. These pests could start a termite problem if you don’t invest in proper termite control. Fortunately, pest control in Santa Clarita is available to help with eliminating any termite swarmers around your property for good.

What Do Termite Swarmers Look Like?

Termite identification is essential if you are trying to determine whether or not you have a termite problem. You can use the following traits to identify if you have termite swarmers on your property and if professional termite control is needed.

  • Termite swarmers are either solid black or solid red in color, depending on the specific termite species.
  • Termite swarmers have large wings. You may also find these shed wings around your property or in your home once termites have moved in.
  • Termite swarmers are the largest type of termite and can grow up to an inch in length. They are often confused for flying ants, but termite swarmers are larger.

If you need help with termite identification, you should reach out to the professionals at CVA Exterminators for more assistance.

Termite Swarmers Could Be The First Warning Sign

Because termite swarmers are reproductive termites, they are often the first warning sign of a termite problem. This pest leaves their original colony to find a different suitable location to nest and create their colony. If you notice that you have a large number of termite swarmers on your property or in your home, they may have decided that the wooden areas of your home or in your yard are their preferred nesting place.

It is crucial to reach out to professional termite pest control if you suspect that termites are moving in, as an infestation can quickly grow out of control and create significant damage. The experts at CVA Exterminators will be able to identify your termite problem and control this pest before things get worse.

How Long Do Termite Swarms Last 

Termite swarms are typically the herald of termite season in Santa Clarita. The swarm itself will only last between thirty and forty minutes, as the termites will die if they don’t find soil or a place to nest within a couple of hours. In Santa Clarita, termite season typically occurs in spring through late summer, meaning that your property may be at risk of termite swarms all through these months.

We recommend upping your termite prevention and protection strategies during this time to ensure that swarms of this pest stay out. CVA Exterminators can help you with this.

How Do You Get Rid Of Termite Swarmers?

If you want to get rid of termite swarmers from your property, your first step should be contacting the best termite control company for your Santa Clarita home; CVA Exterminators. Our professionals will help combat termites for you by providing you with a thorough inspection of your property. Once termite problem areas are identified and the full scale of an infestation determined, the experts will implement effective, customized treatments that entirely remove termites from your home.

You should be reaching out to CVA Exterminators at the first signs of termite swarmers around your property, as a proactive early approach is the best way to stop this pest from nesting in your home and creating widespread damage.

Contact CVA Exterminators today for more termite control advice and assistance.