Termites: The Silent Destroyer In Santa Clarita

a termite infestation in a home

Unbeknownst to many homeowners in beautiful Santa Clarita, termite pests could be silently destroying the wood inside their homes. Walls, flooring, doors, and decks are all vulnerable to the voracious appetite of active termites.

Thankfully, newer homes use materials that are resistant to termites. However, termites can establish themselves on your property and eat away at it for years undetected.

Protect your home’s structural integrity with a scheduled termite inspection from a trustworthy source. Enlist the services from pest control in Santa Clarita to check your property for termites before they get out of control.

A Guide To Identifying Termite Damage In Santa Clarita

You may have thought to ask, how do you know if you have termites in your home? Termite pests will devour wood from under stairs, between walls, and within structural joists, and they are hard to detect.

Take a careful walk through your home and look for evidence of termite damage. You may notice signs of termites around windows, like discarded wings, pin-sized holes in walls, or piles of termite frass.

When termites in Santa Clarita attack your wood, floorboards become looser or creak more. The surface of the walls peels or bubbles. Windows and doors might become harder to open or close if they have termite damage. You may also have sunken ceilings because of these pests.

Reach out to CVA Exterminators for a pest control technician to visit your home. They can better determine problem areas and apply various termite treatment options for your home.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Silently Do To Your Home

At first glance, termite damage to walls, window frames, and other wood structures might appear cosmetic. However, if you fail to exclude termites from your Santa Clarita home and repair the damage, you could lose your home to these pests.

Without the intervention of a termite control service like CVA Exterminators, termites can manage to do the following:

  • Termite infestations may emanate an odor similar to mold or mildew.
  • Inside termite-infested furniture or walls, there may be a winding maze of excavated wood.
  • When termites burrow into walls, ceilings, and other structures, they look swollen and discolored.

If you are concerned about termites damaging your home’s structural integrity, the best way to get rid of termites is to contact CVA Exterminators for a solution.

Is Termite Damage Preventable?

There are termite prevention tips you can follow to help deter termites from making a meal out of your house. If you learn what attracts termites to your home, you can make changes to make your home less desirable to these Santa Clarita pests.

Unfortunately, there are a few reasons termites want to make a colony in your home. Dampwood termites will infest wood that has significant moisture damage or fungi. If you have problems with leaking plumbing or poor weatherization, make repairs or replacements to make termites less interested.

When your home doesn’t have a barrier between the soil and the foundation, it’s easier for subterranean termites to create intricate mud tube systems on your property. Install concrete or gravel between the yard or soil and your home’s foundation.

Keep your yard clean. Cut grass low, avoid overwatering, and promptly remove debris or wood piles. When you have wooden decks or porches in disrepair, drywood termites might choose it for their next meal and colony location.

Why To Trust The Professionals For Termite Protection In Santa Clarita

You could have more than one termite colony on your property, which makes it challenging to exclude termites without help. Forget about applying termite pest control products purchased from the store. If you want the best termite protection in Santa Clarita for your home and family, you must call CVA Exterminators.

Since 1998, CVA Exterminators has continued to provide top-notch termite exclusion and prevention treatments that are effective and safe for your family. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our pest control technicians to eliminate termites on your property and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Santa Clarita.