Are You Struggling To Deal With An Ant Infestation In Santa Clarita?

ants eating sandwich

When it comes to the worst nightmare, ants are right up there with zombies and werewolves. These pests can cause a lot of hassle for homeowners not only through their pesky presence but also because some species are known to bite - or even sting. 

You need to act fast if you notice an infestation taking place in your home. Contact a professional Santa Clarita Pest Control contractor before things get worse. If left unchecked, these pests will most likely cost thousands of dollars worth of damages if left untreated.

How To Identify The Type Of Ant Infesting Your Home

There are over 12,000 ant species in the world and around 100 different kinds in North America. So it can be a challenge identifying what type has invaded your property.

 However, the most common ant species in Santa Clarita are:

  • Carpenter ants: These large black ants are notorious for causing damage to wooden structures of houses. They like to chew through moist wood and have a colony size ranging from hundreds to thousands.
  • Fire ants: These are also giant ants that can be distinguished by their copper brown head and darker abdomen.
  • Pavement ants: This species is named for its habit of building nests in the cracks of sidewalks and driveways.
  • Odorous ants: These pests are tiny and dark brown, which give off a foul odor when crushed.

If you encounter any of these ants or an unknown species, it’s best to contact an ant pest control specialist. They'll identify the species and help you get rid of them.

The Problems Ants Can Cause On Your Property

Besides being a general nuisance, ants can cause serious problems on your property. Some of these include:

  1. Causing structural damage as they chew through wood, plastic, and other materials to create nests
  2. Spreading disease as they come into contact with people and pets
  3. Bringing a host of other pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and termites into your home
  4. Contaminating food with their feces and saliva
  5. Cause physical pain and irritation through stings, bites, or the emission of formic acid
  6. Damage to your electrics as they crawl through wires
  7. If fire ants get into your electrical supply, they can cause fires and explosions

So if you see ants in your home, don't hesitate to look for ant control in Santa Clarita. These specialists can help you get rid of these invaders before they cause too much damage.

How To Get Rid Of Ants For Good

Ants can be difficult to get rid of on your own. However, ant pest control near you can help you. There are several methods available for eliminating these pests from your property once and for all, including:

  1. Baits work by luring ants with food laced with insecticides
  2. Bombs are placed in various locations around the property and set off to suffocate all ants
  3. Sprays can be used to treat nests as well as the surrounding area directly
  4. Gels are applied to either the nest or entry points into your home
  5. Dust containing insecticides can be used in cracks and crevices to kill ants
  6. Liquid treatments  can be used to saturate an area where ants are present

So for reliable ant control in your house, it's best to contact a professional. They know the best effective ant control methods to use in your specific situation and will get the job done quickly and safely.

Natural Ant Prevention Tips 

In addition to hiring an ant exterminator, there are some things you can do on your own to help prevent ants from invading your home. Some of these tips include:

  • Fix any leaks around your house
  • Properly store your food
  • Keep your house clean
  • Install screens on windows and doors

For reliable pest control solutions, contact CVA Exterminators. Our expert ant exterminator in Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas will get rid of ants for good. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.