Everything Santa Clarita Residents Need To Know About Ants

ants up close

Ant removal isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for any residents and homeowners who want to keep these pesky pests far from their homes. Those responsible for pest control in Santa Clarita need to consider ants and all the problems they can cause. This article contains all the essential information that area residents need to understand about ants and how they can act as pests.

The Ants That Call Santa Clarita Home

First things first: what are some of the types of ants in Santa Clarita that can commonly be found? There are quite a few ant species that live in Santa Clarita, but one of the most common is the Argentine ant. These ants are quite typical in their appearance and behavior, with brown coloring and small size: expect worker ants to be around an eighth of an inch long. 

Similar to little black ants and many other species, Argentine ants aren’t incredibly harmful. They don’t chew on the wooden structures inside your home, and they don’t go out of their way to attack humans. However, all species of ants in the area, including Argentine ants, have the potential to contaminate areas of your home or directly contaminate your food. They can also spread bacteria that can lead to illness and disease. 

In general, the best thing to do once you’ve noticed ants inside your home is to identify them on the spot or take photos for later identification and then contact a pest control service to confirm the identification and discuss options for control.  

How Ants Get Into Santa Clarita Yards And Inside Homes

If you want to know how to keep ants away, then it’s important to understand how they enter our yards and homes and why they choose to stay there. When thinking about how ants spread around residential areas, don’t picture individual ants walking great distances to arrive on your property. Instead, think about the sheer number of ants that are born (literally thousands) and their unending desire to find food and shelter. 

Ants persist in the area because they continually succeed in finding both of these things. Even if one building successfully removes an infestation, there may be many other colonies in the neighborhood. Worker ants, sometimes accompanied by queens, go scouting for new places where they can find food and build a new colony. If these ants get a whiff of some tasty food in or around your home, they’re going to come looking for it. And if they manage to secure that food, they’ll be more likely to set up a colony nearby. 

Simply put, ants make it into our yards and homes because they’re attracted by something and because we leave openings for them to get inside. Fortunately, this leads right into our ant prevention tips.  

How To Ant-Proof Your Santa Clarita Home

Now it’s time for some ant prevention tips that will keep ants away from your Santa Clarita home. Try the following:

  • Seal up tiny cracks in the exterior walls of your home. 
  • Clean your kitchen and floors daily. Disinfect for extra protection. 
  • Remove sources of standing water. 
  • Check your basement and foundations for cracks and openings. These should be sealed right away. 

Please remember that it’s much harder to keep ants out of your yard than your home, at least without professional help. 

Downsides Of DIY Ant Control In Santa Clarita

For many homeowners, DIY ant control may seem tempting, but it’s often an ineffective or temporary solution. When attempting DIY ant control, it’s all too easy to make tiny mistakes that can lead to the persistence of an infestation. 

In contrast, professionals have the know-how and the equipment to make sure that every detail is considered. If you’re searching for home pest control in Santa Clarita, feel free to give CVA Exterminators Inc. a call. We can help you decide on your next steps.