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Rodent Control In Santa Clarita, CA

Stopping A Rodent Problem In Your Santa Clarita Home Or Business

Lush greenbelts and gardens create a perfect habitat for rodents in Santa Clarita. Rodent problems have increased recently, and many people have noticed rodents running along walls in the yard and in greenbelt areas. However, rodents should not be getting into your home or business. If you suspect they are, you need to act now! 

Rodents are a serious problem for home and business owners. They damage belongings, property, and structures with their chewing and gnawing, increase the risk of fires, and they spread many dangerous illnesses. If you suspect that rodents are in your Santa Clarita home or business, CVA Exterminators offer the services you need to eliminate the infestation.

What Diseases Do Rodents Spread?

Rodents spread diseases through their feces, urine, and saliva. When they get into your house they can contaminate your countertops, food prep surfaces, and food stores. There are many diseases that are spread by rodents, including:

  • Hantavirus: This deadly disease has early symptoms that include fatigue, muscle aches, and fever that move to respiratory symptoms as it progresses. It has a mortality rate of 38%.
  • Salmonellosis: Symptoms of salmonellosis include abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. While most recover on their own, some people require hospitalization.
  • Listeria: This bacterial illness usually does not affect healthy people, but can be fatal to people with compromised immune systems, newborns, and unborn babies. Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, diarrhea, and nausea.
  • Tularemia: This disease is rare, but can be deadly if not caught early. Symptoms depend on the type of tularemia that has been contracted. 
  • Leptospirosis: This blood infection is rare, but can be treated with an antibiotic. If not treated, it can lead to kidney or liver damage, or even death. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, and vomiting.

Our Rodent Control Offerings

Rodent Inspection

If you suspect that rodents are in your house, it’s important to verify it. CVA Exterminators offers rodent inspections to confirm if rodents are present in your home or business. Rodents leave behind several signs of their presence. These include:

  • Hearing scratching noises in the walls or ceiling
  • Finding droppings in your cabinets, cupboards, or on your counters
  • Finding greasy rub marks along your walls

If we find a rodent infestation in your home or business, we’ll then inspect to identify how they are getting inside. Once we’ve determined where the entry points are, we’ll provide you with an inspection and sealing report, as well as an estimate for our treatment services. We charge a nominal fee for our rodent inspections if you are not on a recurring service plan.

Rodent Control Services

We have two main areas of focus when servicing a rodent infestation. The first is to seal the building. Sealing up the entry points the rodents used to get inside will prevent new rodents from getting inside and will keep the infestation inside so that we can perform our second area of focus.

The second area of focus is to trap the rodents in your house or commercial facility to eliminate the infestation. It’s important that every rodent be removed to protect your building from future problems.

If you are interested in having the areas where the rodents spent the majority of their time sanitized, we also offer that service. We do not do attic clean-outs or insulation removal or installation, but if those services are required, we can recommend a contractor to you.

If there are a lot of rodents on the exterior of your building, our recurring pest control plans can help reduce those populations. This reduces the chances of a rodent infestation occurring inside your building.

Let Us Protect Your Home Or Business From Dangerous Rodents

Rodents are one of the most dangerous pests to have in your home or business. They spread disease, damage your property, and are difficult to eliminate. If you have rodents inside your building, CVA Exterminators are the ones to call. We have over 20 years of experience solving pest problems, and we will develop a plan to meet your rodent control needs. Contact us today for expert home pest control and commercial exterminator programs in Santa Clarita.