a pest technician inspecting the exterior of a home in santa clarita california

Effective Home Pest Control For The Santa Clarita Valley Of CA

Here in California's Santa Clarita Valley, we deal with a wide variety of insects, rodents, and wildlife. If you find yourself dealing with pests in your home or yard, we can help! Offering effective home pest control plans, targeted pest control services for specific invaders, and even our eco-friendly NatureShield Pest Service, we can solve any pest problem that you're facing. Protect the ones you love the most with residential pest control plan from the local pest control experts at CVA Exterminators!


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Our Residential Pest Control Services

a pest technician treating a kitchen in a home in valencia california

With a general pest control plan from CVA Exterminators, you’ll receive year-round protection from the common California pests likely to invade your Santa Clarita Valley home. The pest invaders covered under this plan includes ants, crickets, earwigs, Oriental and American cockroaches, silverfish, and spiders.

Thorough Pest Inspections

During your initial service visit, we’ll perform an inspection of the interior of your home to identify any problem areas, determine which pest pressures you're dealing with, and locate any potential entry points or other conditions conducive to pest infestations. This will help us tailor your plan to your specific needs.

Quality Pest Control Treatments

After your initial inspection, we'll recommend a treatment plan, based on our findings and your specific pest control needs. During your treatments, we'll treat both the interior and exterior of your home as well as your attached garage.

During our interior treatments, we recommend that you leave the home for your convenience. However, if you don't feel comfortable leaving us alone inside your home, our technicians will start treatment upstairs and then work our way downstairs. Then, as we treat the downstairs, we'll ask you to step outside until treatments have been completed.

After the interior treatments have been completed, we'll treat your garage if it's attached to your home and then move onto our exterior treatments. To create a lasting barrier of pest protection for your home and yard, we'll spray the outside perimeter of your house and attached garage, if applicable, with a proven pest control product to deter pests.

Follow-Up Visits

At CVA Exterminators, we'll do more than just provide a periodic, as-needed treatment. Instead, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to prevent pest infestations. Our plans are available on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis. During subsequent visits, we’ll re-treat the exterior of your house and the interior on an as-needed basis.

Our Eco-Friendly NatureShield Pest Service

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option that uses fewer synthetic materials, look no further than our NatureShield Pest Service. Using products with natural, botanical bases, such as rosemary, peppermint, and other essential oils, our team will treat your home with botanical, reduced risk and low dose products to effectively eliminate pests with less synthetic pesticides.

At CVA Exterminators, we source out the low-dose and reduced-risk materials to ensure that our NatureShield Pest Service is as family and pet-friendly as possible while still remaining effective. During your initial service visit, our technicians will perform a thorough inspection prior to treatment and offer helpful recommendations on how to reduce the likelihood of pest problems through physical or non-chemical means. With our environmentally-friendly NatureShield Pest Service, we'll return to re-treat your property every other month, but if you get a flare-up in between our regularly scheduled services, just give us a call and we'll be right over to treat the flare-up at no additional charge!

Our Additional Pest Control Offerings

a pest technician inspecting the exterior of a home in valencia california

Sometimes pests get into your home that don’t fall under the protection of our general pest control plan. CVA Exterminators can solve these pest problems too!

We offer targeted treatments for the following pests:

  • Bees (Emergency service only for bees)

  • Bed Bugs (Bed bug tenting and fumigation treatments)

  • Fleas (Exterior and interior flea control services)

  • German Cockroaches (Cockroach baiting, removal, and clean-out services)

  • Pest Birds (Installation of netting, bird spikes, and Bird-B-Gone)

  • Rodents (Rodent baiting, trapping, removal, sealing, and exclusion work)

  • Wasps (One-time spray treatment and wasp nest removal services)

  • Termites (Pre- and post-construction treatments, inspections, and reports)

Pest Control Treatments To Meet Your Every Need!

a pest technician performing an exterior inspection at a home in castaic california

General Pest Control Plans

No matter the season, to keep problem pests out of your home, our year-round home pest control plan is the best option. Providing ongoing protection for 20+ household pests, our pest control plan is the best choice to protect your family from pest threats.

a pest technician treating for pests inside of a home in santa clarita california

Specialty Pest Control Services

Whether you're in need of a one-time service or an ongoing pest control plan to keep pests like bed bugs, rodents, and termites out, CVA Exterminators has got you covered. Our targeted pest control services will protect your home from a wide range of pests.

close up of a persons hands holding soil with a small plant in santa clarita california

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options

For an environmentally friendly pest control option that is tough on pests, but easy on your home and family, CVA Exterminators’ NatureShield Pest Service is the perfect choice. Boasting natural, botanical based products we can protect your home, with less synthetic pesticides.

Protect Your Santa Clarita, CA Home From Pests With CVA Exterminators!

When pests invade your home, they can cause you unnecessary stress and put your family and pets at risk. Don’t let them! To help you avoid these problems, CVA Exterminators provides customized pest control services to solve even your toughest pest problems. At CVA, our top priority is keeping your family safe, and with our extensive industry knowledge, 20+ years of pest control experience, and team of dedicated technicians, we'll do just that. Sick of pests? Time to call CVA! To get started, contact us today!


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