Are Spiders Keeping You OUT Of Your Outside Living Area?

10/24/2019 - Dan Caballero

You work hard each day and hope to come home to a nice patio and maybe even grill a few steaks (or zucchinis for our vegan or vegetarian friends). But do the spider webs under the patio furniture, the barbeque, and even around the windows and eaves give you the creeps?

black widow spider on a web in santa clarita

Spider problems are the second most common call we get in Santa Clarita. Unfortunately, one of the most venomous spiders in the country is right here in ‘Awesometown’ (aka Santa Clarita), the Black Widow spider.

Black widow spiders and their close cousins the brown widow spiders are common, and populations really explode during the summer months. They can be identified by the red hourglass marks on the bottom of their abdomen, but we don’t recommend trying to get one to pose for you. Most of the time you can identify one of these spiders by the strong, irregular shape of their web. If you toss a few loose leaves into it, they usually stick to the web rather than break the web.

These spiders can be dangerous to small children, pets, and people with compromised immune systems or special types of allergies. So, the best protection is a regular pest service. Regular pest service like CVA’s Z3 Premium Pest Service, controls spiders and their prey (crickets, earwigs, etc.) year-round, so you can enjoy your yard in peace. Plus, we clean up any spider webs with each service so, you won’t have to run into one of those webs when taking out the trash late at night. Additionally, our techs check your trash cans and even your mailbox to make sure you and your family are safe!

Black widows and brown widows are covered by both our Z3 Premium Pest Service as well as our NatureShield Pest Service.

Take back your yard! Call CVA Exterminators for your spider problems today!

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