How To Keep Your Santa Clarita Porch Spider Web-Free!

spider in basement

Nothing ruins a peaceful time outdoors faster than seeing a spider. These eight-legged pests are not just scary to look at, sometimes they have powerful venom which they use to keep humans and other predators away. One factor that directly contributes to spider problems is spider webs. If you have noticed an increasing number of webs around your Santa Clarita porch, we have some things for you to consider today. For immediate help dealing with spiders, call our team and learn about our Santa Clarita pest control options.

Why Do Spiders Make Webs On Porches?

You might not know this, but not all spiders build webs. Many species hunt for their prey from the ground. The types of spiders that do build webs here in Santa Clarita like to build them in areas where pests travel. Some species build webs that cover bushes, others build webs between trees. When close to homes, certain kinds of spiders will build webs above or under porches. Porches are prime sites for building webs as many pests like to cozy up to homes for warmth and shelter. Covered porches provide protection for spiders looking to avoid the wind and rain. As an added bonus, when it does rain, other pests are driven to seek shelter under porch roofs. This pushes them right into those spider webs.  

Are Spiders Attracted To Light?

Spiders are not attracted to light in the same way other pests are. The question is, why do other pests like light? The most popular opinion is that light affects a bug's navigational system. Spiders often build webs near light sources to catch other insects that are drawn in by the light. This is why webs are commonly found around exterior light fixtures. Spiders are smart and know how to stay well-fed.

Exterior Prevention Tips For Spider Control

One thing you have to understand about spiders is that they do not need to invade homes for shelter or moisture. So they are more than happy to hang out on porches as long as they have prey to catch. But if you are willing to do a little hard work and are vigilant, you can drastically reduce the number of spider webs (and spiders) on your porch. Here are just a few effective pest prevention methods to use today.

  • Knock down webs you find around your home's exterior using a long broom.
  • Clean the areas where webs were removed with soapy water or a pressure washer. Spiders like making webs where it is dirty or cluttered with debris. 
  • Install fans on your porch. Insects can't fly well when there is a breeze, and if there are fewer insects, there will be fewer spiders building webs.
  • Address moisture problems in and around your home by fixing leaky piping, and eliminating sources of water build-up. Both spiders and insects need water.
  • Make sure your trash cans are clean and have tight-fitting lids so the smell of garbage doesn't attract insects.
  • Replace outdoor white light bulbs with yellow, insect-resistant bulbs. 

Total Home Pest Control For Your Santa Clarita Home

Addressing spiders and their webs with DIY methods is difficult. To avoid potentially dangerous spiders getting into your Santa Clarita home, consider investing in a general pest control plan courtesy of CVA Exterminators. We have experience in advanced pest control tactics and have access to industrial-grade treatments and technologies. Putting these assets to good use, we will treat your home, eliminate existing webs, and make sure spiders stay in your yard, where they belong.

Call us now to learn more about pest control in Santa Clarita and schedule an appointment for your home and property. Let us show you why CVA Exterminators is your best option for spider control.