Is My Home Rotting Away?

a rotting home

Do you have a post, trim board, or patio cover timber that just doesn’t look right? Does it look like it's shriveled or growing a mushroom-type bloom on it? If so, you may have a wood-destroying fungus infecting your home’s wood. Wood-destroying fungi, along with termites, are nature’s way of recycling dead trees. These fungi unfortunately do not know your home’s lumber does not need recycling.

These fungi are present everywhere. Their spores or ‘seeds’ float around in the air and if they land on a piece of wood and there is a little moisture present, then they establish themselves and begin to feed on your homes wood. If you have an infected timber, then that can increase the number of spores near your home and infect other nearby timbers.

In Santa Clarita, it is typically found in patio covers, exterior wood members around windows doors and even the eaves and rafters of your home if the roof or gutter system is not working correctly. The fungus is like a cancer of wood. Once it’s found it is best to cut it out completely to eliminate it.

Removal and replacement of fungus-damaged wood should be left to professionals. Fungus infections have microscopic roots that spread into the sound areas of a piece of wood. If you don’t cut it out completely, like cancer, it can come back.

In some cases, some minor fungal infections can be treated with a fungicide. Licensed contractors and pest firms with a wood-destroying organism license are the only ones who can legally apply fungicides to wood. Handypersons cannot legally apply fungicides. The best fungicides are readily available to licensed pest companies and they typically have the most experience and proper equipment for applying these materials.

Additionally, pest companies with a Branch 3 - Wood Destroying Organisms license like CVA Exterminators, can perform repairs. We are experienced in ‘surgical carpentry’. For instance, some contractors may not be interested in repairing portions of a damaged patio cover and will often recommend a whole ‘new’ patio cover. Surgical carpenters can go in and just remove and replace what is damaged saving thousands of dollars. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing out a post or two and then you can spend the money you save on a good paint job for the weathered wood that is still solid.

If you need to have your home assessed for possible fungal infections, contact us for a free limited inspection of your home. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial exterminator services in Santa Clarita.