Z3 Pest Service

Our Exclusive Z3 Pest Service™

z3 Pest Service An effective pest management program begins with a targeted plan to reduce pest populations with minimal risk to family and pets. Our Z3 Service targets pests where they are (outside) in order to minimize need for treatment where you are (inside).


Z3 Pest Service Zone 1 YardZone 1 – The Yard

Most pests originate from the yard and landscaped areas of your property.

We search out the possible sources of pest and address them there, first. Reducing pest populations here, is key to effective control in living spaces.

Z3 Pest Service Zone 2 The Perimeter

Zone 2 – Perimeter

Pests looking for harborage, moisture or food exploit small cracks or crevices around the perimeter of your home for access.

Our perimeter treatment acts as a shield against wandering invaders.

Z3 Pest Service Zone 3 - InteriorZone 3 – Interior

On initial treatment we use the latest advances in materials and equipment to minimize treated areas. Targeted, low-dose treatments are utilized whenever possible. Afterwards, our exterior Zone 1 & 2 treatments should minimize the need for interior treatments.

Botanical treatments are used on sensitive areas and upon request, elsewhere.

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