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Top Spider Pest Control Services in Santa Clarita

CVA Exterminators’ team of highly skilled and experienced pest control experts will get rid of those pesky and potentially dangerous spiders invading your property. We provide exceptional spider pest control services! Spiders are prevalent all throughout the Santa Clarita area. There are over 3,000 species of spiders in North America. Most species are beneficial hunters of other insects and help control populations of flies, mosquitoes and other problem pests. However, spiders inside your home will pose a threat to your peace of mind or even your family’s health. The black widow spider and the brown recluse spider are two of the deadliest spider species. In Santa Clarita, the black widow is both present and a concern, as spider bites by this species can cause serious health problems for small children, pets and people sensitive to bites.

Spider Infestation in Santa Clarita

Spiders in Santa Clarita invade yards and homes during the spring and summer. The tiny spiderlings get blown by air currents from the canyons and open areas. These pests make their home under patio furniture, play equipment, firewood piles, hardscaping and undisturbed locations of a home. If you live near a canyon or a hillside, your home and yard is more susceptible to high spider populations.

While harmless garden orb weaving spiders are good for your garden and should be left alone, dangerous spiders should be eliminated from your living spaces. This is especially true in summertime when spiders are at their peak and most families spend more time outside, enjoying the pool, a barbecue or just sitting on the patio. Spiders like the black widow, while typically shy, can be aggressive if disturbed or if defending an egg sac. Spider bite symptoms can include fever, increased blood pressure, sweating and nausea.

If you suspect your home is being invaded by spiders, our professional pest service includes spider control, dusting unsightly webs and careful inspection of sensitive areas like your outside living areas and children’s play equipment. Best of all, CVA’s spider control service includes botanical or reduced risk products in sensitive areas such as outside furniture and play equipment. Let us help you get rid of your spider infestation! If you have further questions and concerns, please contact CVA Exterminators.

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