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Escrow Inspections

Are you buying or selling a home? If so, a termite or WDO inspection is wise to have completed!

Sellers: If your selling your home, finding out about any potential termite or other wood destroying issues before you agree on a price is just smart business. Knowing of the cost of a potential problem helps you negotiate a selling price that is acceptable to you. Many inexperienced agents may advise to allow a buyer to get the inspection done but remember the inspector works for the party that pays for the inspection. When sellers get inspections done before entering into an agreement you will have the most flexibility on what treatment and repair options you are o.k. with.

Buyers: If you’re buying a home, it is wise to have the home inspected to ensure your dream home purchase doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Plus, knowing the extend and cost for any termite work, along with that of any other deficiencies the home may have will allow you to negotiate what the resolution will be, either monetary or to have the corrective work completed before moving in. ORDER YOUR INSPECTION BELOW.

Today, government backed loans like FHA and VA loans may require you to have a termite inspection and get any issues found resolved. This is true with refi loans too. Check with your lender to determine if you will need an inspection for your loan.

Termite Inspections in Santa Clarita start at just $95. 


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