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That familiar summertime cricket chirp outside while pleasant, is just annoying when its coming from inside your home. During summer months crickets are especially active. When present in large numbers, crickets are a considerable annoyance and they can cause limited damage to some fabrics or paper. Crickets usually live and breed outdoors and invade buildings searching for food, moisture, or shelter. CVA will locate the source of your infestation and silence them for good.

Crickets are omnivorous meaning they will eat or drink almost anything that is available. Crickets are active at night and usually remain hidden during the day. Adults are attracted to light on buildings and will enter through any gaps or cracks on the exterior. They also tend to congregate in mulched areas, under pots, stones, and debris, within firewood piles, or in the weep screed of your home.
Satisfactory control of crickets frequently involves treating both the inside and outside the structure, as well as removing as much feeding and breeding sites outdoors as possible.

Homeowner Tips

  • Eliminate as much harborage sites as possible
  • Keep grassy areas short and reduce brush directly near the home
  • Seal any cracks and holes to outside walls near ground level
  • Make sure all screens on windows and doors are intact
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