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Birds while inspiring in many ways, can prove to be dangerous pests in human structures

Pest bird infestations should be taken seriously. Why? Birds are an ideal mechanism for spreading disease and ectoparasites. They travel over a wide area and can host in their bodies over sixty types of infectious diseases and harbor over forty types of parasites. Diseases like Histoplasmosis, Encephalitis, Meningitis, Salmonella, and Toxoplasmosis, to name a few. These diseases are spread when a bird defecates in an area in close proximity to humans. Contamination can take place by direct contact and/or the fecal matter dries, and the disease becomes airborne and can contaminate air ducts and vents and then settle on exposed food or other surfaces. Also, parasites like fleas, bird mites & bed bugs are common in pest birds. In commercial settings, a bird problem is considered as bad as a roach or rat infestation in the eyes of many health departments.

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In most cases, bird control results by exclusion or deterrents to encourage them to move on to a different location in the natural environment. Resolving a pest bird issue should be handled as soon as it is noticed. Leaving a pest bird population too long may result in difficulty getting the birds to leave. Also, the clean up may prove to be very expensive, since bird droppings and their cleanup is similar to a haz-mat cleanup. Failing to take proper precautions when cleaning up after a bird problem can be very hazardous to the people cleaning up. A professional should be called when handing such bird problems, especially if they have been there for any substantial period of time. If you have real concerns over a pest bird problem at your structure, use our contact form below and we will schedule a bird inspection right away.

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