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Honey bees are one of the most beneficial insects on earth

We could not exist without them. However, a bee colony that moves into an occupied structure can create hazardous condition for both the occupants and the structure. The key is quick decisive action.
Threats. Honey bees are defensive of their hives and if they establish a nest in your home they will defend it, even if you were there first. Additionally, a bee colony will produce substantial wax and honey as part of its diligent work. This wax and honey grows the longer you leave the hive in place and clean up after the hive is gone is very, very expensive. So, it is best to contact a professional to remove the hive as soon as you see it. Waiting a couple weeks can be costly.

Honey Bee Pollinating

How are honey bees removed? Due to the problems encountered by bees lately, our preference is that live bee removal be performed. Your first option should be to attempt to contact a beekeeper for live capture. This involves capturing the queen, sucking out most of the worker bees and relocating the colony to an alternate location. After removal, the wax and honey can be removed. Alternatively, in cases where the bees are posing an immediate threat to humans, the hive can be exterminated. Contact us to discuss what options are available to you.

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