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Get Rid of Your Ant Infestation with CVA Exterminators in Santa Clarita

Ant infestation is a problem everywhere in Santa Clarita. CVA Exterminators are Santa Clarita’s go-to pest control experts! We protect you and your property—residential and commercial—from the dangers and annoyance of ant invasions. Our ant control services—treatments are held to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. We offer our clients high quality ant eliminating services for an affordable price. Our targeted approach requires fully supplied vehicles with a variety of tools and treatment technologies, coupled with skilled licensed technicians who will resolve all of your ant invasions. We also carry an array of low dose botanical (organic) materials to get the job done right. CVA Exterminators provides ant control services to customers residing in Santa Clarita, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic and the surrounding areas.

Ants can be a major problem. They can make endless trails in your kitchen, pantry, bathrooms and contaminate the areas that are supposed to be the cleanest places in your home. All it takes is a tiny little crack or gap for an army of ants to access your personal space. Ants are usually looking for water, food or shelter from hot or wet weather. The most common ant we find in Santa Clarita is the Argentine ant, a small black ant that sends scouts out to find what they need then returns to the colony for reinforcements. They do not have stingers but may bite if provoked. Once you start to see one or two of them, you can be sure hundreds or maybe even thousands are on their way. Since ants often feed on dead animals, garbage or sewage, any food they invade should be considered contaminated and thrown away. CVA Exterminators has a proven treatment for ants that has provided relief for all of our clients. If you have further questions and concerns, please contact us.

You can help prevent ant invasions by:

  • Eliminating ground clutter
  • Keep vegetation and watering around the home to a minimum
  • Keep your counters, floors and other surfaces clean from crumbs
  • Regularly take out the trash

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