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About CVA

CVA Exterminators was born in 1998 when two pest guys saw a need to improve the way pest control was done in the Santa Clarita Valley. They looked around and saw big national companies who treated clients like account numbers and smaller ‘one big tank in the back of a pickup’ companies who seemed to use the same treatment materials for every home and client. Again, the customer seemed to not be the focus.

With CVA, they felt they could improve the focus to the customer. So, these two pest guys set out to build a company that focused on making customers happy by resolving their pest problems. It was tough at first, one delivered pizzas at night, while the other took a part-time job selling custom closets. Those temporary jobs helped them eat, pay bills and bootstrap the new venture. But there was a lot of work to do.

They realized to really focus on the customers’ needs they needed to add the best people they could find to answer the phones, service the homes as agreed and deal with any new challenges with determination (and of course, a smile). Finding the right people wasn’t easy but it was worth the effort. They also realized that training them in the latest techniques, materials and treatment equipment was going to be crucial. They couldn’t keep the “We’ve been doing it this way for years” mentality they saw in other companies. So, they focused on the process and thus training and education became key for all CVA team members.

Today, CVA Exterminators continues to strive to improve existing services, and add new services like our botanically based NatureShield Pest Service. We do this because our customers deserve the best and it makes them happy and we like happy, satisfied clients. That’s what motivates us. It’s been twenty years, and the two pest guys that started CVA Exterminators are happy with the path they followed. Our reputation among the Santa Clarita Valley community is why we continue to be the most respected local name in pest control.

We hope if you have a pest problem we can earn your trust in us. We promise to do our best to make you happy.

Our Mission

CVA Exterminators is an industry leader in providing superior pest exterminating services that protect property and health. Our adherence to the highest standards of professionalism, performance and quality will foster controlled growth and move us toward our goal of becoming the most recognized and respected company in our industry.

Guiding Philosophy

  • Customer satisfaction is our most important commitment, without it, we cannot be successful.
  • Honesty and integrity guide our decisions, actions and promises. The knowledge, wisdom, imagination and work ethic of our people determine our future. Cultivating, feeding and developing these qualities are key to customer satisfaction and a successful future.
  • Our reputation rests on the public’s perception of our people, equipment and services.
  • Developing and maintaining an excellent reputation is key to our success.
  • We are committed to profitable growth, as this provides the greatest assurance of our customer’s satisfaction and the personal success, satisfaction and security of our people.